[2nd] Wide Leg Cotton Pants / Black

$170.00 ($170.00 discount)

These pants are attractive with a wide and structural silhouette made of a sturdy high-density cotton blend fabric. It features a natural volume and slim waistline with a double chin on the front. The rear double flip pocket is highlighted, and the hidden hook and YKK zipper allow for open closing.
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Delivery & Returns

All our products are produced after the order has been made. Therefore, please note that we do not permit the return or exchange in exception of the faulty product.
We recommend careful purchase before making an order.

For the faulty, please contact us via info@lexxfingermarche.com

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Size Chart

Model Size

Height 173 Bust 31 Waist 24 Hips 34

S Size

Waist 34cm
Hip 49cm
Crotch 35cm
Length 107cm
Hem 22.5cm

M Size

Waist 37cm
Hip 51cm
Crotch 36cm
Length 107cm
Hem 23.5cm
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