Cotton Denim Skirt / Black

$163.00 ($163.00 discount)

made of cotton with a firm texture It's an H-line denim skirt that falls straight down. Two hip patch pockets and YKK nickel zipper details, Robust and solid stitch details, with LFM buckle clips This skirt has a relaxed silhouette with a timeless color and wearable style.
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All our products are produced after the order has been made. Therefore, please note that we do not permit the return or exchange in exception of the faulty product.
We recommend careful purchase before making an order.

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Size Chart



Waist 37.5cm
Hip 44.5cm
Length 83.5cm
Hem 46cm


Waist 39.5m
Hip 46.5cm
Length 84.5cm
Hem 46cm

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