Hooded Fluf Long Padding / Dark Navy

$591.99 ($591.99 discount)

It is a thinsulate material developed in 3M and has excellent thermal insulation It's a hooded long padded coat that can be worn warmly even in the middle of winter. Compared to other insulation materials, it is thinner and has been processed with ultra-fine yarn to keep warm, so it has excellent moisture resistance This is a new material with excellent breathability. It is made of eco-friendly material and features a touch feeling with less irritation to the skin. overall sleeve and down Line detail highlights structural silhouette and casual hood style for comfort You can wear it.
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All our products are produced after the order has been made. Therefore, please note that we do not permit the return or exchange in exception of the faulty product.
We recommend careful purchase before making an order.

For the faulty, please contact us via info@lexxfingermarche.com

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Size Chart

One Size

Shoulder 75cm
Sleeve 48.5cm
Chest 59cm
Armhole 29cm
Length 112cm
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